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Black Shamanic Luxury Retreats

Updated: Apr 15

From our own healing journey over the last decade to current medical and psychiatric studies, plant medicines are proving to be very beneficial to healing intergenerational trauma in African Americans.

In a curated experience, we offer and hold space for individuals and small groups to take intentional and guided soul journeys. In a 2-3 night experience, we take time connecting and purging out what what needs to be brought to the surface for individual, ancestral and collective healing, providing clarity and a reference point for what is obtainable.

Each person truly has their own experience. We never know what to expect. We just know spirit and the ancestors will show up and show out. After each experience we have had, the participants have left full of joy, gratitude and a peace that they don’t want to leave.

If you’re ready for your Black Shamanic Luxury Retreat, contact us for more information!

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