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Found Out We Are Trained As Ashanti Priestesses!!!

For the last 12 years, we have been being trained by spirit to do our divine purpose. Prior to this, we had regular jobs in social work and journalism. With every step forward, we felt like we were pulled back two steps. After much prayer and contemplation, we came to the realization that we were out of alignment. The more that we have gotten into alignment together and as individuals, the more our life has come into abundant flow. We have followed the synchronicities, and they have returned us to source.

Many believe that because of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, we have lost our connection to our African ancestors. Because of that, as well as indoctrination, we have come up against great opposition in doing this work, especially from family, friends, lovers and clients when their shadow is seen and they are advised to make some character corrections per spirit utilizing us as the vessels to deliver the message. This and future works will show that we are very much still connected, spirit is VERY REAL and IT'S NOT A MUTHAFUCKING GAME! Best to learn how to play the game of Leela http://anyaguti.com/leela-game! (Sidenote: Our great aunt's name is Lelah, and she is the one who came to us in 2010 in spirit and started teaching us, along with our great aunt Anna, who are our maternal grandmother's sisters.)

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