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Testimonial from Our First Exorcism

“Six months ago I did not believe in the supernatural. I mean, maybe I thought I did… Our daughter claimed since infancy to have friends that floated above her but I merely entertained the idea, honestly, and she has a diagnosis for every Parasomnia including night terrors. I couldn’t imagine there was anything up there that could actually hurt her…

Her brother is only a year older than she is, and is 5 now. With a diagnosis for Autism and seizures, it was easy to choose to believe that everything that was going on with him was a result of his neurological impairment, either from vaccines or some other “mistake” we had made in learning to care for him as new parents…

My beautiful wife, the gifted time-traveling warrior “simply” had DID, a condition that science and psychology both explain as having multiple personalities with separate identities and memories. DID is offered up to describe a fragmented consciousness from so many traumatic acts of violence as a small child during regular every day life and ritual abuse.

And myself…until just a few years ago I was a hard-working Atheist that would often even take time from my day to talk others out of their own faith if I could, just because I wanted solidarity in my beliefs I suppose. I also survived a very traumatic childhood and would spend generous amounts of time researching and looking for labels to put on my condition, like Hypomania, Cyclothemia, DDNOS, etc. I was hoping to recover memories of being a child which I felt would help me to heal, if only I could relive those traumatic moments that I had blocked out somehow…

The first time we met Crystle it was what I would have considered at the time a “chance” encounter. She came over with another friend of ours and she was someone I would have described as “spiritual”, though I had no real concept of that definition. We had a lot in common though and the next time she came over to hang out with us, she told us that she had been fired from her job for performing an exorcism on a young girl where she was working. She said that for awhile, she could feel that there was something with and around the girl, and when the girl asked for help with it, Crystle followed her heart. She told us that the girl went home and was much better afterwards. Whatever was bothering her went away.

I believed Crystle, I really did. But it was a lot to take in with words like exorcism and entity, words I see in movies really, not that I hear about as a truth. And the word God was a trigger for me to find a grain of salt. I guess I felt like Crystle really believed in what she did, so through group consciousness or something, it became a real feeling for everyone involved. I was always quick to want to explain something cosmic or spiritual with something that is considered socially acceptable science. But it did not occur to us, even with the unique experiences we were having in our home, that an exorcism was something that would help any of us in our own family.

Towards the beginning of last summer, my wife had been suffering from seizures that we were told were called dissociative seizures for months, it was horrible and it was killing us energetically and emotionally. She was also experiencing being raped multiple times a day almost every day and we were being told it was called “Body memories”. I had to hold my wife and wait for it to stop and there was nothing I could ever do about it. Over and over. She eventually stopped telling me about it I would find out later, and suffered through it alone.

On top of that, another DID part (or so we were being told) had emerged that was taking on demonic characteristics. I did some more research and discovered that the DSM-4 manual finally made up something new called “Possession Trance Disorder” and added it to the criteria for DID. This diagnosis covered most of the characteristics of demonic possession except for how she was having episodes of being thrown up into the air and into the walls of our hallway, where I was literally pulling her down and away from walls to protect her however I could. I knew what I felt. It defied gravity.

Part of her body was moving around involuntarily on some days. Sometimes she’d go away and the demon part would just be looking around the room and making faces literally characteristic of a demon. Then when I’d get her back, she would be completely drained of energy. I knew this wasn’t DID. It was just hard to accept that demons were a real thing. I knew I was going to have to accept that God was real too. And that meant I was wrong, for so long… Fortunately I didn’t have to rely on my own intuition alone anymore, as we have very gifted children.

Our daughter who was three years old at the time confided in me that she sees a person standing outside across the street, that we don’t see, and that it looked like the drawing that her mom had made. The drawing was what my wife saw of her own face when she looked in the mirror during one of the seizures. Our daughter said that “the person used mom’s feet to walk in the house after grocery shopping”. Everything clicked. I didn’t need to ask her any questions. The little girl who had always claimed to have invisible friends, that were not imaginary, saw the demon that I already knew was taking residency inside of my wife.

I called Crystle and Chrishara right away and told them what was going on. They came over as soon as they could. It had been a very hard few months for us and we didn’t have any money. They not only offered to help us for trade, but they understood that this was an emergency situation, and just the fact that they were willing to help us with something that felt so dangerous when I couldn’t pay them with money….that alone changed me.

The exorcism and soul retrieval was peaceful and beautiful. Nothing like I would have imagined. I was blessed to be able to see this monster being ripped out of my wife through chanting and meditation, so that I would know indefinitely that this was all real. There were a few moments where it seemed like things were moving fast but I trusted that I needed to participate and not ask questions. I felt power in the room, great energy, and I was not afraid. The entire time, despite what we were all there to do, I felt safe and felt confident in what was happening. It felt right.

And it worked, the demon left for good. But to our surprise, my wife woke up the next day and realized that there were no longer any other voices or identities inside of her mind anymore. There were no other “parts” or “pieces” or “alters” and she suddenly had a communicative relationship with Spirit that she could begin to explore. She was free and her soul was recovered.

It would turn out that this was only the beginning of what would quickly become known to us as Dark Arts Training. Something that we cannot run from – anymore than we would want to die alone and uncared for in some hospital, institution, prison, or coffin. We were to discover that we would have to go deep inside of ourselves and be fully honest about who we are, what we want, and what we’re doing about it. We were to discover that our children are a reflection of us, and would soon spend several months fighting these demons in and outside of our OWN CHILDREN.

The answer we have found through the guidance of these two very powerful and enlightened women is to BE the LOVE that we’re always talking about. And love is hard work when you come from an ancestral pool of black-hearted blood. We felt love yea, but we also felt anger and shame and guilt and sadness and all types of other bottom-feeding emotions and we projected them onto our children.

We all project ourselves onto our children, it’s natural and it’s going to happen, but we weren’t being honest with ourselves that it was simply because we weren’t doing the work we needed to do to create an environment where there is no fighting or arguing or even sarcasm really – telling ourselves it wasn’t really possible. It’s possible, and we’ve achieved it, we’ve come through ALL of this in just less than half an Earth year. Anything is possible when you believe that anything is possible and you can turn the ugliest story into the most beautiful poetry just by changing the tune of your heart. That is what I have learned from Chrishara and Crystle in the short time I have known them, the power of my heart.” ~Martin W., Michigan

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