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What Are We Healing?

The disease is Psychic Blindness. It will manifest as "Naivety", Blindspots, Dissociative Disorders, Brain Fog, Lack of Presence/Awareness/Memories (Dementia and Alzheimer's), mental and physical ailments, man's inhumanity to man, ETC. It is rooted in generations of lying to ourselves and pretending to be who we are not, creating the great divide between reality and the delusions of our minds.

The cure is healing psychic vision, filling in blindspots. This can be accomplished through shadow integration, which includes but is not limited to healing childhood and ancestral traumas through the recollection of mental, physical/cellular and spiritual memories; thought and behavior modification; and deprogramming outdated and indoctrinated belief systems that keep us in bondage and don't serve our highest good.

Healing looks like more presence, more awareness, more accountability for our thoughts, words and actions, more clarity and more connectivity to ourselves, others, our purpose and to source/spirit.

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