“I first experienced the privilege of an in-person reading with Chrishara in the summer of 2012, with the hopes of connecting with my grandfather who had unexpectedly passed a few weeks prior.  It was my first meeting with a medium and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  

Immediately Chrishara put me at ease with her calming, kind and supportive energy.

I was hoping for information that would help with my grief, and answers to a few questions I had. Without prompting, Chrishara identified and relayed messages from my grandfather with the language and vocabulary he would have used, describing things that no one could have known.  She also accurately described his appearance without ever seeing his photograph.

Additionally, she connected with other spirits, relaying their messages absolutely accurately, including details of health issues, personality conflicts and lessons my loved ones wanted me to remember.

Recently, in March of 2017, I had the honor of meeting with Chrishara for a second reading, this time with her sister Crystle.  I desperately wanted a reading with the hope of connecting to my beloved grandmother.  My grief was overwhelming and both Chrishara and Crystle felt it upon seeing me, without any knowledge of my grandmother’s passing.  This blended session was nothing short of a gift. My grandmother came through loud and clear, and the messages I received helped me cope with my grief and guilt I had been holding on to.

Chrishara and Crystle’s readings are nothing short of powerful.  They are both uniquely gifted healers, with amazing connections to the spirit world. I would highly recommend them to any one in search of connecting with loved ones and receiving transformative messages. 

I am so grateful to both Chrishara and Crystle for sharing their gift and helping me cope with overwhelming grief to find peace."

“I cannot say enough positive things about Chrishara & Crystle. They are both amazing healers with an impeccable ability to read spirit. Having a scientific background, I was never one to believe in the spirit world. That is until I received a reading from Chrishara in 2012. She was able to describe my deceased grandparents with uncanny accuracy. She told me specific things about their appearance & personalities that no one would know or be able to guess! From this moment on, I was a believer and wanted to learn more as well as share her healing gift with my family. I later scheduled a group reading for my entire family. This experience proved to be extremely healing & life changing  for all of us!

I’m so thankful to have kept in touch with Chrishara over the years and thrilled that I recently had the opportunity to meet her very gifted sister, Crystle. Like Chrishara, Crystle is unbelievable at channeling spirit! She strongly feels the emotions of the individuals and spirits she reads. She was even able to sense  private feelings and thoughts I had shared with my deceased grandmother; thoughts I had never expressed to anyone else. In addition to reading spirit, 

Chrishara & Crystle performed powerful and much needed energy work on my parents. It was incredible to see them release the negative energy and burdens from both of my parents! Both Chrishara and Crystle are extremely empathic and their work is not only mind-blowing but extremely healing. They have forever changed my life and the way I view the world & after-life. I will forever be  grateful for the healing they have bestowed upon me and my family.” 

“Thank you for being a healer as well as a healer’s healer. I cannot express the gratitude of being in the presence of one so gifted energetically and spiritually. When people say God send, your picture pops up!”

“There aren’t many words to describe Chrishara’s Brain Boot Camp (Mindfulness Coaching). To say it was transformational would be an understatement. She helped me connect with myself on such a profound level, and in the process, my awareness became amplified! She didn’t hold back, yet I was able to feel her sincerity through each lesson and began healing my wounds. Miracles are now a commonality for me and my potential is more apparent than ever before. Chrishara is truly a gift to the world, and I am forever grateful that we chose to connect.” 

I have been using their services every month for over 3 years.I have had long distance cleansing and I experienced mystical paranormal results that were out of my realm of experience and it was beautiful; they were with me all the way.  In other words they did not allow me to have these experiences in any type of fear or confusion because it was something new for me.  I have called them when I was out of the country and both assisted me with long distance Exorcism.  They are so on point that I consider them Shaman's for other developing Shaman's and other gifted healers.  The monthly and sometimes twice a month services have been part of my healing process and assisting me with developing my own gifts.  Just being in contact with them have increased my own psychic and paranormal abilities.  They have assisted me in all aspect of my life.  Body.Mind.and Spirit.  I highly recommend their services if you are ready to do the work.  If you are not ready don't waste their time because they will know.  Plus not to mention all of the financial blessings I have received after consulting them over 3 years ago.

I have received countless services with Charmed Noir. Mindfulness Coaching, Mediumship Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Energy Cleanses and even had my Natal Chart translated (and taught tools to translate it myself). I often find myself referring to and reflecting on lessons I have learned with these lovely ladies even as I journey further into my spirituality. They have given me so many of my own tools that I am still unpacking and applying the spiritual gems! Furthermore, whenever I find myself in a bind, they often still post messages or send messages to past students. Really, I feel more like spiritual family! 

Lastly, the mark of great teachers is that they don't horde information to have power over you or to profit from you. Chrishara and Crystle teach you how to take responsibility in your own spiritual journey and continue to guide and assist as long as you are willing to do the work. I am more than happy to honor their energy financially because I take comfort in that. I am so appreciative of having met them, they have been such a blessing in my life!

I love working with Charmed Noir! Their expert spiritual services are exactly what I needed to grow.